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Power System Solutions of Lanyang

"Energy is an important material basis for the survival and development of human society. It is vital to the national economy, people's livelihood and the country's strategic competitiveness."

For a long time, the over-reliance on fossil fuels for production and consumption has led to incongruity and insecurity between energy and the environment, which is a common problem faced by all countries in the world.In the context of the global response to climate change, the world's energy system is undergoing major changes. The high carbon energy system supported by fossil energy is transitioning to a new low-carbon energy system dominated by new energy, and the world's energy development is gradually moving toward a low-carbon energy era.

LSY power battery adopts the advanced lithium iron phosphate cell, the combination of intelligent BMS and advanced PACK technology, the long-term battery life is safe and stable, the cycle life is 4-5 times than the general lithium battery, with the characteristics of large discharge rate and high serial .LSY is committed to providing customers with innovative, environmentally safe and reliable power solutions.


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