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Dual storage system solutions of Lanyang

Dual energy storage self-use solar photovoltaic system,all the countries around the world vigorously promote solar photovoltaic,the main policy is purchasing electricity policy.(Feed-in-tariff).Solar power is fed into the grid and bought by the government at a premium price.However, if solar power generation is not combined with self-use and storage, it will lead to power transmission problems.To popularize solar energy largely, it is necessary to develop distributed generation, use and store power locally, develop solar microgrid, and form regional power supply network self-sufficiency.Since 2017, Lanyang Technology has been cooperating with New Energy Center of Taiwan university  to develop a dual-storage solar photovoltaic system for home use.The features of electricity are used for cooling and lighting in summer,heating water in winter,including the power storage function.It has the function of emergency disaster prevention and peak load shifting,electricity generation can replace 20-30% of self-use electricity.(Belong to high-priced electricity).It also makes economic sense.


Photovoltaic Energy Storage System Solutions Of Lanyang


Energy is the material basis of national economic development.The energy industry is a leading industry.With the national energy plan,optimizing the energy structure,adjusting the distribution of the energy industry,developing clean energy.In particular, photovoltaic energy storage system has become the mainstream trend to adjust the energy structure.

Photovoltaic energy storage systems are widely used in factories, businesses and other places with large peak-valley price difference or frequent power failure.The system consists of a photovoltaic array composed of solar cells, a confluence box, a solar off-grid all-in-one machine, a battery bank, a wind turbine, a load, and a power grid.Photovoltaic arrays convert solar energy into electricity in the presence of sunlight,It supplies power to the load through a solar-controlled inverter,it also charges the battery at the same time,the extra electricity can also be fed into the grid.In the absence of sunlight, it is powered by the grid to power the load.When the power grid fails, the battery supplies power to the load through the inverter.

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