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New lithium battery relieves "mileage anxiety"

By: Time: 2020-01-14

    Recently, researchers at Pennsylvania State University have developed a new type of lithium-ion battery. The battery can be recharged quickly at higher temperatures, and a 10-minute charge can add 200 miles to an electric car's range. The battery may help reduce people's "mileage anxiety" about electric vehicles.

  In order to meet people's travel needs, it is necessary to design electric vehicle batteries with extremely fast charging speed. However, fast charging may cause the battery to form metallic lithium around the anode, severely reducing battery life.

  To solve this problem, the researchers designed a lithium-ion battery with a self-heating nickel structure. To test the model, they used different cooling strategies to maintain a constant charging temperature, charging three lithium batteries at 40 ° C, 49 ° C, and 60 ° C, and a control comparison at 20 ° C. To confirm the presence or absence of lithium plating, the researchers analyzed the battery after it was fully discharged.

  The results show that the battery pre-heated to 60 ° C can maintain extremely fast charging 1700 times, and the average charging temperature is 49 ° C to 60 ° C, and no lithium plating is observed. The researchers also found that the increase in charging temperature shortened the cooling time required to maintain the battery's initial temperature.

 Researchers point out that this technology can be put into practical production. Although nickel foil increases the cost per battery by 0.47%, this design actually reduces the battery's cost because it eliminates the current need for external heaters for lithium batteries. Cost of production.

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