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Semi-liquid metal anode successfully developed lithium battery capacity may increase 10 times

By: Time: 2020-01-14

    According to reports, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University's Mellon Institute of Technology have developed a semi-liquid lithium metal anode that can provide a new paradigm for battery design. Lithium batteries made with this new type of electrode increase the capacity of the lithium battery by a factor of 10, and are more secure than traditional lithium metal batteries using aluminum foil as the anode.

  At present, volatile liquid electrolytes are used in batteries. One of the solutions is to replace them with solid ceramic electrolytes. Such electrolytes are highly conductive, non-flammable, and sufficiently resistant to dendrite. However, the researchers found that the contact between the ceramic electrolyte and the solid lithium anode was insufficient to store and supply the amount of electricity required by most electronics. Carnegie Mellon University has created a new material, a semi-fluid metal anode, that overcomes this shortcoming.

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