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PolyU Hong Kong develops ultra-flexible high-performance fabric lithium battery

By: Time: 2020-01-14

    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University recently announced that its research team has developed an ultra-soft, high-performance fabric lithium battery that can provide more stable, durable and safe energy supply for wearable electronics, and can be used in medical health monitoring, smart textiles, etc Multiple categories.

    fabric lithium battery has an energy density of more than 450 watt-hours per liter, and is extremely soft. It can be folded and bent to a radius of less than 1 mm, and its performance remains unchanged even if it is folded more than 1,000 times. A typical bendable lithium battery can only be bent to a radius of about 25 mm, and its efficiency is only 200 Wh / litre. In addition, the fabric lithium battery developed by PolyU is lightweight and has a thickness of less than 0.5 mm. It has a fast charge and discharge rate and a long battery life, which is comparable to the performance of traditional lithium batteries.

  PolyU research team uses the school ’s patented new technology of polymer-assisted metal deposition to uniformly deposit highly conductive metals—copper and nickel—on treated fabrics, such as cotton and carbon cloth, to make conductive fabrics, replacing general Metal foil on the surface of the lithium battery to act as a current collector and improve softness.

  The deformation test carried out by the team proved that the fabric lithium battery has extremely high mechanical stability, durability and safety. After repeatedly folding the battery, twisting it at different angles, and wrinkling irregularly, it did not damage its voltage performance; continuous hammering Safety tests such as cutting, cutting, and puncture of steel needles also prove that the battery can provide a stable power source for electronic components without the risk of fire or burst.

  The research and development won the gold award and two special merit awards at the 47th International Invention Exhibition in Geneva in April this year; the research results were published in Nature Communications.

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