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Brief Introduction of Perovskite Solar Cells

Perovskite solar cell is a kind of thin film solar cell made of non-semiconductor materials, which adopts solution process through multi-layer coating, sintering and crystal growth, and then encapsulation to form a solar cell that can generate electricity. Due to the use of non-semiconductor materials and process equipment, the cost is low. At present, the generation efficiency of the small cell (<1cm2) made in the laboratory has exceeded 23%, and the technology has developed rapidly, which is recognized as the next generation solar cell. Up to now, rare developers can produce large-scale perovskite solar cells. New Energy Eenter of NTU in collaboration with E-SUN Precision and  LanYang Energy develops large scale perovskite solar cell manufacturing equipment by adoption of once-through design and chemical formula and manufacturing process suitable for bulk production. At present, the largest surface is 40cmx40cm, which is the largest size in the world, and the power generation efficiency reaches 14.3%. It can be widely used in university laboratories, research institutes and solar cell manufacturing enterprises. In addition, a 70cmx100cm mass production machine has been developed for automatic continuous film coating and rapid heat treatment of crystal growth.


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